Personalised Mug Printing Ideas

A large part of our mug printing to date, has been custom-designed mugs where we have been asked to print personalised designs onto a mug; whether it be a photo or text or a combination of the two. Let’s also say “printed coffee cup” here, for the benefit of Google searchers everywhere.

We would love to share some of the more hilarious and entertaining mugs we have created recently, but truth be told, a lot of them were in-house jokes and not repeatable on our family-friendly website. A real shame, but you get the idea. And here’s some ideas just for you: 


Can never find your name on a pre-printed mug? Is the spelling weird? Have you named someone or been named something odd? Let us print a customised mug for you, or as a nice gift for your kids, your friends, or your friend’s kids. We can add graphics and colours to suit your style. 


Did your friend make complete idiot of themselves and you happened to snap the photo? Yes? Well it’s time to make an idiot-mug. She, said friend may indeed smash the mug, but it will be the funniest gift that ever lasted 3-seconds! (Make sure you get the gift-giving on tape.)

Send us cute photos of your kids, pets, pet-kids, other strange family members, a nice place you visited, whatever you like, and we’ll print it on a mug for you. We could print your photo as a panoramic images around the whole mug or print only on one side, with a name, word or saying on the other side. Note: we send proofs of personalised mugs before printing.

Kids Drawings

Your fridge is overflowing with crayon-scrawled pages of cuteness, and they had you yet another masterpiece – how about getting it printed on a mug? This is a popular idea with our What The Mug customers and we print a lot of kids drawings onto mugs as gifts for parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and teachers. Did we say bribing the teacher for good grades? It wasn’t us… 


If there is a nice saying, quote, psalm, lyric or poem that reminds you of someone special, then what a lovely gift that would make, printed on a mug for them. They might even bake you some cookies in thanks, you never know.

School Fundraising

How about this for an idea?! Custom-printed mugs or drink bottles printed as a fundraiser for schools. We can pre-print an order for you – there is no minimum order – or we can print-to-order.

 We can print your school logo, then personalise the rest of the mug/drink bottle with a name, a quote, even individual artwork like children’s drawings. Every mug could be the same, or every mug could be different! Contact us for a chat about how we can help with your school fundraising – our business brains can also assist with pricing to ensure the fundraising works for you.

Working With Small Artist Businesses

Our business works in so well with small artist businesses. Providing custom-made products without any setup fees, that can be made to order individually or in small runs of no-minimum order. If you’re a New Zealand artist running a small business, contact us to discuss how we can help each other. Wholesale prices for small businesses can be discussed.

Sports Teams / Dance Group or Other Fundraising

We’re really into making fundraising fun – and what easier way than to give away something that will last a lot longer than a cookie, is actually useful for something, and can give people a smile. Get your team photo and logo put on a mug or drink bottle, or perhaps a photos of Grandma’s little dancer, and her name. These are the ideas, folks.

Again we can pre-print a mug or drink bottle order for you – there is no minimum order – or we can print-to-order. Your items can be the same, or all different. They could all include a logo or a photo on one side, but a different name, graphic or image on the other.

Company Names / Logos

Professionalise your customers drinking experience by delivering their latte in a stylishly branded mug. It’s a great way to reinforce your brand, or even start a conversation of you get something thoughtful, witty or unusual on your company coffee mugs.

A mug is also a great give-away. Instead of a calendar this year, how about something a little more practical that will last longer than 12 months.. our mugs can compete! Unless your co-workers or clients are really into those firemen calendars… 

Staff / Co-worker Gifts

Mugs are great as gifts for your staff or co-workers, to be used as a mug or a funny pencil-holder. We can do a one-off or a large-run, and can even personalise each one with a funny name, quote, job title, fail moment, or photo while keeping your company logo on the other side. Are there moments from last years Christmas party they wish you’d never speak of again? You don’t have too – get it printed on a mug!

At one company we provide mugs for regularly, they have a lot of in-house jokes that come up during the year. At Christmas, they get the best quotes printed on our What The Mugs for the annual Christmas party – and made a great impression every time! What The Mug – making company get-togethers a little less awkward since 2010. 

In-house Jokes
We won’t understand, we’ll have to hide the design from our kids, but we’ll print it for you on a What The Mug. We’re sure you’ll get a kick out of one-upping your mates with a hilarious mug featuring a quote that only they will understand. Send us the quote, we’ll send you a proof before printing.

Your Ideas
We bet you’ve got some good ones! A funny quote, memorable saying or great photo that would look great on a What The Mug. Why not share your ideas with us and our audience on our Facebook page. Flick us an email if it’s an idea you would like to get printed – we’d be happy to help and advise.


Whew. That’s a lot of ideas. Now it’s your turn.

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