How it works

To enable us to create a wonderfully unique, personalised gift or a keepsake coffee mug for you, here’s the simple steps of our pick-a-path process:

START. Choose Your Item

Select from one of our quality, printable items. 

PATH ONE. Choose from an Existing Design

Select from one of our quality, printable items

PATH TWO. Custom Design – send us your idea.

There are so many things we can print on your item to make it unique as a gift, a corporate gift, a personal memoir, or a fundraising item. Email us to tell us what you would like printed on your mug of drink bottle. Here’s some ideas to get you started…


  • Logo – for your company, school, team or group.
  • Photo – of your family, friend, yourself, team, favourite place, vehicle, pet.
  • Name – We can print your child’s, teacher’s, parent’s or Grandparents’ name.
  • Artwork – A quick sketch, a professional piece, a child’s drawing.
  • Written Content – poem, saying, joke, crude remark, or annoyingly catchy song lyric.
  • Idea – give us a concept and we can create some artwork/graphics for you.

We can print a combination of these things, for example a child’s drawing with their name also printed, as a thoughtful gift for a Grandparent. 

Next Step for Custom Design: we send you a proof

Using the item or combination of items and ideas you have sent us, we will create a mock-up of what the item will look like when printed, and we’ll send you the mock-up as a file. We make sure you are happy with what the final printed product will look like and we can make any changes to suit. 

Step After The Next Step: paying for the custom design

Once you’re happy with the design we’ll send you the details for payment. Prompt payment means we can send the item to you straight away!

Final Step for Custom Design: we print your item!

You’ve approved the design, you’ve paid, we’ll print it then we’ll send it. We’re so quick that after payment we can often print and send the item same-day. 

END OF THE ROAD: We create and ship your order!

And we’re fast – I mean, we’re REALLY fast. If we get an order early, and it’s fairly straightforward, we usually print it same-day, and get it on the courier same-day. Otherwise we would have it on the courier to you next-day.

Officially, standard delivery time for South Island, New Zealand is 1-2 days.

Standard delivery to the North Island, New Zealand is 2-3 days.

Urgent courier is an extra $5 – but we’ll get it to you.

Rural Delivery is an extra $3 – and we’ll try to find you.

For items with custom-ordered designs, we do ask that you pay on approval of the artwork, and we will still get on the courier same-day or next-day wherever humanly possible.


This last stage is where you receive your item/s and you’re jumping for joy! You may put a post on Facebook about how awesome we are. Why would you not? 

You may video the moment that your embarrassingly clever gift was received and thrown back at you and post that video. You may get an A+ from your teacher and thank us for the bribe, er, encouragement that we were able to provide in the form of an overly complimentary gift-mug/pencil holder. You may send a copy of the thank you note from your Grandparents for yet another gift you have given them with your child’s photo on it. However you want to thank us, we’re right here.


Yep, still here.




It’s okay, we’ll wait.

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