Frequently Asked Questions (and some we made up just for fun).

Are you a big corporate mug-printing global giant?

We’d like to let you think so, but no. We think big, but we’re quite small. We’re a humble, busy-and-getting-busier printing company based in Dunedin. We print and design on-site, supplying quirky personalised gifts New Zealand wide.

Though we may be small, we’re capable of big things – like large orders of mugs or drink bottles for fundraising events, corporate gifts, embarrass-your-friends gifts for occasions like weddings… and 21st’s… and funerals (it’s strange, but it wouldn’t be the first time).

What is your turnaround time?

We often print and get the item on a courier same-day, or next-day, from the time we receive your online order. This is based on an order of our existing mug designs from the website.

If you’re wanting to send us a photo or a quote for your personalised mug, we’re still pretty quick, and we can get a proof back to you same-day or next-day. We’ll advise you if it will take longer, such as for a complicated original design, photo editing, proofs for larger orders, or if we’ve run out of coffee. 

What is your freight cost?

  • Standard delivery time for South Island, New Zealand is 1-2 days.
  • Standard delivery to the North Island, New Zealand is 2-3 days.
  • Urgent courier is an extra $5 – but we’ll get it to you.
  • Rural Delivery is an extra $3 – and we’ll try to find you. 


What’s your print quality like?

Well firstly, what we print is not a sticker. We print directly onto the mug which means it adheres permanently, without any risk of the design peeling off. Our quality is excellent, we run a top-of-the-range machine using the latest technology for printing our mugs and drink bottles, and we’re proud (as well as oftentimes amused, disturbed, and confused) about every item we produce.

Can you colour match to ensure our Company Logo is spot-on?

Certainly. We use icc colour match technology to ensure the accuracy of the print colour we need to reproduce. We have experience and understanding when it comes to meeting the requirements of the work we undertake, which may include exact colour reproduction for company logos or getting the colours right when reproducing an artists work as close to the original as possible.  

Do you put your own branding on the product?

Nope, we sure don’t. We do put a sticker on the bottom of the product that is easily removed. It’s a nice sticker too. But we don’t print our own logo or any other branding or marks, other than what you have asked for, onto your coffee mug or drink bottle.

What’s the funniest mug you’ve ever printed?

As a family-friendly website, we can’t print it! We’ll let you use your imagination, or checkout or Facebook page for some quirky examples.

We love the mugs with kids drawings on one side, and their names on the other – because we get a lot of feedback from these. We have seen some really great mugs with this type of designs and parents and grandparents adore them.

What about Copyright Law?

Unfortunately we can’t run fast enough to outrun copyright law, so if we think your design might be baiting the sharks, we’ll let you know. We must adhere to the right of the artist / owner of original artwork. 

Send us whatever artwork you want printed and we’re happy to discus and advise.

It’s also peace of mind for you to know that, as a respected customer and for artists, we will not reproduce your artwork and will respect your original ideas, images, slang, sayings, poetry and other rambling proclamations of love – whatever we print that you have provided is still your intellectual property.  

What if I’m not happy with the item you’ve supplied.

It doesn’t happen. It hasn’t happened. But if it did happen – well, we’re a small business here to ensure you have a quality product that you are really happy with, and we will do everything we can to ensure that you are 100% satisfied.

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